Troubleshooting Seeds

Chilli seeds are notoriously difficult to germinate and those belonging to the Capsicum chinense variety, such as the Bhut Jolokia can be particularly problematic and slow to sprout. There are some possible causes for failure to sprout or thrive;

  • Temperature too low: Chillis are warm-weather fruit and Capsicum chinense varieties such as Nagas require the temperature to be at least 20 - 22 degrees Celcius to get started. If you are trying to sprout your seeds while the weather is still cold, you may need to apply a heat source such as a grow lamp or heat-pad. Likewise, if you cook your chilli seeds, they're unlikely to grow.
  • Seeds planted too deep: Seeds only have a small amount of nutrient inside them to carry them through the early stages of development. If seeds are planted too deep, they may run out of energy before they reach the surface. Try planting your seeds no more than 2 - 3mm deep in the soil
  • Not enough Moisture: Chilli seeds need to be kept moist but not completely drenched. Try covering the seedling tray to retain moisture
  • Damaged seed: check your seed to make sure that the individual seeds are intact and are not damaged by rough handling. Lady Naga takes care to ensure that your seeds are packaged with suitable padding to keep them safe enroute.
  • Watch out for pests Slugs and other inspects absolutely love chilli seedlings. Make sure you're keeping pests away from your plants as they can be severely damaged or completely devoured.
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